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The Hato Don Benja story began in 1974 when Benjamin Perez, a brother of 31 and father of 8, started the first commercial dairy farm in the family. Today, as a 3rd generation of farmers, Carlos Alberto, son of Alfredo and Lourdes, founded Hato Don Benja.


Carlos Alberto grown in a 75-loved-cow farm located at Arecibo, Puerto Rico. He attended college and received a B.S. in agronomy at University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez Campus. While at college Carlos completed internships in Crave Brothers Farmstead & Cheese and Babcock Dairy Plant, and achieved certifications in Hoof Trimming, Artificial Insemination, Dairy Products, Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point, and others that prepared him to the farming journey.



Hato Don Benja is a 24-acre farm located at 1.2mi of the North shore. The Atlantic Ocean nurtures slow-growing grasses that are naturally packed with nutrition.

Our farms are managed with respect for the soil, pastures and trees. We use the cow to fertilize the land during their graze time.


Our tropical adapted A2A2 Holsteins are gentle and happy lot handled from birth in low-stress and sensitive manner, live a natural lifestyle free 24/7 in paddocks with fresh pastures  and shades from native trees that purify the air. 


Empresa familiar, 3a generación

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